Modestep “Evolution Theory”

Living up to it's name, Modestep's full-length debut 'Evolution Theory' takes their signature style and sound to a whole new level. Heavily rock infused, "Evolution Theory" incorporates a vast swath of genres, all held together with an unmistakable Modestep backbone.

Modestep “Evolution Theory” EP

Powerhouse EDM act, Modestep, released their new album, "Evolution Theory", this February 12th. If you don't already know about Modestep, now would be a good time to learn about them. An electronic rock band from London, Brother Tony and Josh Friend were truly meant to create music together.

Now that you've gotten to know them a bit, lets fast-forward to their new release. We've decided to take you on a little journey through the album, breaking down all of our favorite tracks and features. First and foremost, Josh Friends' vocals are implemented brilliantly across all 15 tracks, lending a tremendous organic feeling to the melodies, and never overpowering the music.

A stand-out track amongst an already excellent release, "Time" represents Modestep's throwback to the classic age of Rock'n'Roll. Casting aside their typical, dance-heavy style, "Time" pays extraordinary homage to their legendary rock roots. Offering the listener a Pink Floyd meets Led Zeppelin feel, while still managing to push the boundaries of creativity and originality, "Time" is a fascinating piece of electronic music that is as timeless as anything the group has created.

An amazing collaboration between Modestep and the talented young producer Popeska, "Another Day" is a rock-infused anthem with a heavy breakdown accompanied by delightful, flossy vocals.

"Saved The World" is a symphonic masterpiece designed to evoke feelings of strength and emotion in the listener. We certainly feel this is one of the strongest tracks on the EP, but how could you possibly overlook "Sunlight", the iconic Modestep classic that has long been one of our favorite videos.

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Written by: Joe Aries III