Welcome to GlitchHop.Net!

Today, The EDM Network is proud to announce the launch of GlitchHop.Net. We hope you enjoy it! Read our full welcome letter below.

Our entire team at The EDM Network would like to welcome you to GlitchHop.NET, our newest site.

Glitch Hop (note the two separate words) is a funny little genre. Many would argue that it is not in fact a separate genre at all, but that the "glitch" sound is merely a feature of songs that fit neatly into other genres.

Regardless of your opinion on the musical integrity of separating glitch, and subsequently Glitch Hop into its own genre, it is clear that a group of producers and fans have sprung up and formed a community. For that reason, the argument is essentially irrelevant. Glitch Hop is what the people want, and on this site, Glitch Hop is what you will get.

If we are being completely honest with ourselves, Glitch Hop is far from a "popular" genre of EDM. At our office, many planning meetings have included arguments about whether to include smaller genres like Glitch Hop at all. 

The conclusion that we have reached is that the popularity of a genre of EDM is not any indication of its value as an art form. As a result, if we are truly going to be able to look ourselves in the proverbial mirror and be able to honestly call ourselves "The EDM Network", we have to be able to take chances in the name of respecting good music. To put it frankly, many people would expect our company to launch the sites centered on the more popular genres (trance, trap, etc.) first. We disagree. 

By deciding to develop, staff, and launch GlitchHop.NET, we have made a commitment. Many of us enjoy Glitch Hop, and we think that it is great music. We believe as many people as possible should be exposed to it. Much like we did with Dubstep.NET, we are taking the lead and setting an example by supporting the music we believe in. If that proves massively succesful, great. If not, that's alright too. Either way, we are committed to making GlitchHop.NET the best resource available for discovering new Glitch Hop and reading about related news. 

We hope you enjoy the new site! We're very excited about this project.

-The EDM Network Team